Urban Outfitters Uses A Curvy Model To Sell A Size It Doesn't Carry

One step forward, one step back.
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters enjoyed a bit of praise recently for featuring the likes of transgender model and actress Hari Nef and curvy model Barbie Ferreira in its “Class of 2017” campaign.

The campaign, which the brand says highlights people who “are challenging the status quo and forging the path ahead with hope and optimism,” was made for Urban Outfitters’ partnership with Hanes. As part of the partnership, Urban Outfitters is offering “exclusive two-packs of Hanes classic tees, as well as Champion essential pullover hoodies and sweats in all the best colors of the season.”

It all seemed fine and good, if not painfully hipster, until Revelist noticed something a bit peculiar. Citing Urban Outfitters’ sizing charts as well as Ferreira’s agency profile, Revelist points out the trendy clothing retailer doesn’t even carry clothing that goes up to Ferreira’s size.

Ferreira’s profile says she has a 33.5-inch waist. The Hanes shirts available in Urban Outfitters’ “shop the story” section of the new campaign only go up to a size L for women, which accommodates up to a 33-inch waist, and a size XL for men. For reference, Hanes women’s T-shirts go up to a 3X on Hanes’ own site.

Urban Outfitters has responded to the controversy with an official statement, saying:

“We are pleased to feature a diverse cast of creatives in this campaign, and we hope to continue to feature people who reflect the range of customers who shop at UO. We do offer XL products in select styles and we are in the process of increasing our offering. We recognize that extended sizing is a right step for us and we’re in the process of making the shift.”

Urban Outfitters is hardly the only fast fashion brand ― or luxury brand ― that has shied away from offering extended sizing, but to capitalize on inclusivity while being so blatantly exclusive in its offerings is confusing, to say the least.

This post has been updated to include a response from Urban Outfitters.

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