This Is What Our Cash Could Look Like If It Didn't Celebrate Dead White Men

Americans swap photos of dead politicians for goods and services every day. If those same images are starting to bore you, designer Travis Purrington offers an innovative alternative design.

As part of a master's thesis design project at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Purrington developed new versions of U.S. currency. He based his designs on his study of other world currencies and America's currency history.

Purrington told The Huffington Post that, in his research, he found that the nation's founders did not intend to be immortalized on bills, as they saw the practice as "monarchical." In fact, most of the figures on our current bills were not added until the early 1900s. Purrington said it only seems right that our currency should focus on modernized American ideals and virtues instead.

"This isn't to dissolve the proud history of the USA," Purrington wrote in an email to HuffPost. "But the original Congress saw a danger in venerating men on money."

The $1 bill is notably absent from Purrington's designs. Some advocacy groups have said that using a dollar coin instead of a bill would save the government lots of money.

Purrington's bills vary slightly in size, much like the Euro system, which makes it easier to see how much money you have in your wallet.

Take a look at his redesigns. Remember, these are just hypothetical, and Purrington is in no way affiliated with the U.S. government. But still, we can always dream.

The $5 Bill

Virtue: Skill
Featured image: Neural connections
Translation: The letter kills the spirit brings to life
English Phrase: "We the People"
Other features: Sculpture by artist Alexander Calder, farmland, blood platelets

redesign 5

The $10 Bill

Virtue: Structure
Featured image: Nanotechnology
Translation: Fidelity enriches
English Phrase: "Self Evident"
Other features: Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright, Willis Tower, circuit board

10 redesign

The $20 Bill

Virtue: Life
Featured image: Blood cell culture
Translation: Balance shines
English Phrase: "In Pursuit of"
Other features: DNA Helix, rolling wave, galaxy

20 redesign

The $50 Bill

Virtue: Innovation
Featured image: Circuit board
Translation: Mindful of the adverse
English Phrase: "Home of the Brave"
Other features: Wright Brothers first flight, neurons

50 redesign

The $100 Bill

Virtue: Nature
Featured image: The universe
Translation: Remedy in hardship
English Phrase: "Land of the Free"
Other features: The Sun, Teton National Park, buckyball

100 redeign

Here's all five, for good measure:
currency redesign