'Stranger Things' Got Something Right About The Energy Department And Parallel Universes

There’s actually some science (but a lot of fiction) behind the Upside Down.

Real life just got turned up to 11.

The U.S. Department of Energy is apparently in the business of understanding alternate universes, according to Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz ― sort of like it is in “Stranger Things.” 

Moniz told Chelsea Handler he hadn’t seen the sci-fi hit when he appeared on her Netflix talk show this week. But he noted that its theories on the Upside Down ― a parallel universe that the federal government accidentally cracks open ― may not be so far off.

“We are also a big supporter of very basic science and that includes trying to understand the basic particles of nature and the structure of the universe,” he said. “Theoretical physics ... looks at things like higher dimensions than three dimensions, and parallel universes.”

OK, so maybe he wasn’t suggesting that your tax dollars are being spent exclusively on finding out what the hell happened to Eleven. But we support this kind of research because (spoiler?) Barb is still down there and looks real dehydrated.

Long live Barb.