Why The US Women's Gymnastics Team's Hair Buns Give Us Pause (PHOTOS, POLL)

What's Up With Team USA's Decidedly Messy Buns?

Perhaps, like us, you've all been glued to your TV sets every night this week watching the Olympic gymastics team finals. Between the upsets and big wins, we couldn't help but notice Team USA's interesting, albeit somewhat sloppy new hairstyle. All five women have been similarly wearing their ponytails half-way pulled through. While it's certainly a departure from the tightly-wound, plastered-down buns of yesteryear, something about the look feels more Saturday morning than 2012 London Olympic Games. Yet it also feels so American -- to deliberately create an "undone" look.

While we're sure you don't need any pointers on how to master this "gym rat" bun, possibly you'd like a closer look. Check out the US Gymnastics team's new haphazard hair in the gallery below, then tell us what you think about the style by voting in our poll.

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Team USA

Team USA's Messy Hair Buns

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