The History Of The United States Looks So Cool In GIFs

Some of history's most iconic moments are now immortalized in GIFs, courtesy of the National Archives.

Social studies teachers across the country are celebrating right now.

The U.S. National Archives ― aka the official record-keepers of America ― uploaded a lot of historical GIFs on Friday. Teaching just got hella more fun!

The GIFs are based on historical videos, photos, animations and other media, and you can snag them all on Giphy. There are more than 100 GIFs to choose from, and new ones are being added daily.

Each animation includes a link to the National Archives database so you can educate yourself on the history behind the image.

You can also create your own GIF if you check out the Digital Public Library of America’s annual GIF IT UP challenge. Submissions will be open the entire month of October.

Here’s a collection of our favorites:

For more history-in-action GIFs, check out the whole collection here.

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