'US History Lesson' Video Casts Negative Light On American Public School System (VIDEO)

Back in February, a video shot by a student at an American public school titled "Lunch Scholars" went viral on the Internet and cast a dark shadow on the state of the U.S. education system. In it, students were unable to answer basic trivia questions, including everything from names of political figures to U.S. geography.

"Do you know the vice president of the United States?" the student asks.

"I don't know who it it's, it's, it's somebody....Bin Ladin," one student responds.

Now a new version has surfaced on Reddit, highlighting the same concerns.

"Who is the vice president of the United States," a student asks in the video uploaded by Reddit user jakewdavis.

While most of the students simply said they didn't know, some attempted to answer, naming Hilary Clinton as one of the possibilities.

The video continues by asking random students to name countries starting with the letter 'U.' The most popular response? Utah.

While the students who produced the original "Lunch Scholars" video claimed they never meant to "polarize people, set off a firestorm, or get people to point fingers," the conversation nevertheless appears to be continuing with this new video.

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