U.S. Marshal Allegedly Pistol Whips Man During Road Rage Incident

A Missouri man says he will need surgery after a U.S. marshal allegedly hit him with a gun during a road rage incident.

Donald Akers, 59, was with his wife, 54-year-old Janet, driving to the grave of her mother to put flowers down for Mother's Day in Cape Girardeau, Fox2Now reports. Janet told the station she honked her horn after a car began to overtake her lane.

Both vehicles pulled over in a parking lot and an altercation ensued. The Akers said a man and woman exited their vehicle and began yelling at them. The man, Donald told Fox2Now, had a gun.

"I didn’t know if he was going to shoot us or what," Donald told Fox2Now. "But instead, he hit me right across the nose with it. Broke my nose, my sinus cavities, broke my teeth.”

When police arrived, the Akers said the man and officers appeared to be on friendly terms.

“[Officers] told us he was an off-duty police officer," Donald said. "That’s exactly what they told us.”

The St. Louis U.S. Marshals Service confirmed Tuesday that the alleged assailant, 52, was an off-duty officer, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“The Marshals Service is aware of an alleged incident involving one of our employees and is gathering relevant information on the matter to determine the appropriate steps,” they said in a statement, declining to name the suspect.

All four people involved in the incident have been cited for third-degree assault.