U.S. Open Chair Umpire Hit By Ball During Simona Halep-Li Na Match (VIDEO)

Being a chair umpire at a tennis match seems like a pretty sweet job on the surface: You get an awesome view of world class tennis. You sit in the shade. You get to have your voice projected into a microphone between every point.

But upon closer inspection, it isn't such a cushy gig. Not only do you have to deal with meltdowns from millionaires who believe you misjudged how a ball bounced by a fraction of a centimeter, but you also apparently get hit by said ball from time to time.

Yesterday during a U.S. Open match between Simona Halep and Li Na, the chair umpire took an errant ball right to her side as she was looking away causing a tremendous thump on the microphone.

There's no word on whether Halep, who hit the ball, argued the umpire's call that it was out of play.

Hat tip to Busted Racquet!