U.S. Open Fan Interrupts Webb Simpson Trophy Presentation, Bob Costas Interview (VIDEO)

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

Webb Simpson won the US Open Sunday with a final round 68 to finish the championship at +1. The highlight of the tournament wasn't the action on the golf course though, or Johnny MIller's questionable math skills in the booth... it was the trophy presentation on the 18th green with NBC's Bob Costas. As Costas was interviewing Simpson, a (likely intoxicated) fan dressed in what appeared to be United Kingdom garb comes into the camera frame and begins wooping loudly. He manages a few solid seconds of airtime before politely being dragged off camera. This is a gentleman's game, there isn't any brutal tackling of intruders here. As the fella is led away, Webb Simpson quips, "Enjoy the jail cell pal."

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