U.S. Open Account Destroys Twitter User Who Said Tennis Isn't A Sport

"Wow, really didn't expect this to blow up," the tennis tournament's Twitter account wrote about its viral comeback.

The Twitter account of the U.S. Open tennis tournament obliterated one Twitter user’s claim that tennis isn’t a sport.

The exchange between the tournament and the user began after the user, @seahawksfan2314, commented under a SportsCenter video.

The video featured tennis player Nick Kyrgios hitting a between-the-legs serve toward Stefanos Tsitsipas during a Wimbledon matchup.

“Not a sport,” said the user whose name and Twitter bio describes him as a fan of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

The U.S. Open came to the defense of the sport with a viral tweet mocking the user’s favorite football team and its quarterback.

“not a sport says the person about to watch 17 games of Drew Lock at QB,” the U.S. Open replied.

The tweet came at the expense of the Seahawks, who didn’t make the NFL playoffs last season, and Lock.

The comeback made enough waves that Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf told the U.S. Open to “chill.

The user later begged their followers to save them from getting “ratioed” — the act of a reply to a tweet getting more likes than the tweet above it — but failed in the quest.

The U.S. Open joked that it “didn’t” expect the tweet to blow up and referenced the reply by adding “definitely a sport” to its bio.

On Saturday, the major tennis tournament on Saturday continued tweeting memes referencing the comeback.

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