U.S. Swimming Sex Scandal: Abuse, Molestation, Secret Tapings & More

U.S. swim coaches have molested, groped and secretly taped numerous teenage swimmers over the past decade, according to ABC News. The network counts "36 coaches banned for life for sexual misconduct over the last 10 years" by the U.S. governing body for swimming.

The report zeroes in on several offenders in particular. 62-year-old Andrew King was found to have abused at least a dozen teenage girls over several decades and in numerous states. Another, Brian Hindson of Indiana, was sentenced to a 33-year federal prison term after he was found to have secretly taped multiple girls in a "special" shower room.

Critics argue that USA Swimming, which governs even the U.S. Olympic swim team, does not screen potential coaches carefully enough. The governing body says it only checks for criminal convictions. Scroll down to watch ABC's report, and click here for their full text version.


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