Us Weekly Cover Features Jon & Kate For 6th Week In A Row

Us Weekly Cover Features Jon & Kate For 6th Week In A Row

The June 15 issue of Us Weekly, which came out Wednesday morning, is the sixth issue in a row in which the celebrity weekly features "Jon & Kate Plus 8" stars Jon or Kate Gosselin on its cover.

It's the first time in recent memory — and perhaps ever — that the magazine has featured the same cover subjects six times in a row.

The magazine, which is widely credited with helping launch "The Hills" stars' careers by featuring Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag as celebrities before anyone else, appears to have minted new celebrity gold again in the Gosselins.

Last week, the New York Post's Keith Kelly reported that the "Jon & Kate" covers did extremely well for the magazine:

[The first cover] sold about one million copies on the newsstands, a nice boost over earlier this year, when numbers were flagging for all the celebrity titles. A year ago, Us Weekly was averaging about 860,000 copies a week on newsstands, in a far healthier economic environment.... Us milked it again on May 18 with its "Affair with a Teacher" issue, which sold 942,000. The following week the mag had the story "Kate and the Bodyguard," which sold between 850,000 and 900,000 copies. The last two issues have been even hotter, selling about one million copies for the June 1 issue, "From Mom to Monster," and between 1.2 million and 1.3 million for "Inside Jon's Prison."

Us Weekly editor Janice Min told Kelly, "There was something about the story that really resonated with readers. The thing I loved about it is that it introduced new celebrities to the world of celebrity journalism."

The current issue features the cover line, "Mommy, You Are Mean!" and leads with a bikini photo of Kate from the family's recent Jon-free beach vacation.

See the six covers — and vote on their newsstand appeal — below:

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