Us Weekly Cover With Ivanka Trump Sparks 'Why I Disagree With My Dad' Meme

Twitter came through.

Ivanka Trump’s feature on this week’s Us Weekly cover has launched a fantastic meme.

The article on Trump, accompanied by the headline “Why I Disagree with My Dad,” is a collection of quotes gathered from “a source close to Ivanka” and other publications. It covers the first daughter’s feelings on her president father’s decision to exit the Paris climate accord.

One unnamed “Ivanka insider” said the first daughter was disappointed by her father’s decision, noting that “sometimes she and Jared are a big influence on Donald, and sometimes he takes other opinions into account and does something they disagree with.”

Twitter took the dubious article in stride and ran away with all the memes, pairing the phrase “Why I Disagree with My Dad” with photos of questionable father figures and children from pop culture, like this:

From literature references to TV shows to famous paintings, there has been no shortage of incredible memes.

Here are some of our favorites:

Some of Twitter’s takes on the article were just cheeky ...

... While one person editorialized the cover, reflecting criticisms over Trump’s “complicity” in her father’s actions by refusing to publicly voice her opinions on certain issues.

Keep it up, Twitter. 



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