USA To Syria: 'Knock Knock'

Map of Syria and surrounding countries
Map of Syria and surrounding countries

USA: “Knock knock”

Syria: “Who’s there?”

USA: “The United States”

The sleeping giant is wide awake and just sent a message. We won’t tolerate gas attacks in the Middle East, Israel, Europe, the UK, or the USA.

What are the options?

Will there be regime change in Syria?

President Bashar al-Assad might do a full mea culpa or otherwise try to rehabilitate himself.

Syrian leadership does not have to be Muslim (Sunni, Shia or any other sect).

The U.S. might go full Rome. We’re from the U.S. and we’ll help you run your country. It’s a better option than Iran doing it, but the U.S. has not done this in the past, albeit we’ve been accused of sponsoring “puppets,” i.e., almost anyone who agrees with us.

There are Christians in Syria, too. Remember them? They are the victims of atrocities by Sunni extremists. They are the people on the western government-controlled side.

What about secular leadership?

What’s next?

President Trump has already said he will not telegraph intentions. But there are more options than currently discussed in the media.

What will happen next? President Trump may not tell us in advance, since revealing strategy may help hostiles, but this White House shares a lot of information that few directly read.

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