Holy Smokes! USA Today Doesn't Know Where Colorado Is

Maps are hard.

Weed recommend USA Today grab a map.

In its recent story about marijuana smuggling in Colorado, the paper got its states mixed up. The piece on the pot traffickers included a map that incorrectly identified Wyoming as Colorado.

"But marijuana remains illegal in every state surrounding Colorado, and law enforcement in those neighbors are looking for it," reads the text around the graphic. However, the dark blue state in the image that is supposedly supplying bud to surrounding states isn't Colorado.

Mapmaker Janet Loehrke was a little higher than she should've been in identifying the location of the state writer Trevor Hughes was discussing --because Wyoming is above Colorado on the map. (What did you think we meant?)

Naturally, social media LOVED this mishap and ran away with it.

Even Wyoming got into it.

The map has since been swapped out for a correct one, but luckily, the Internet has immortalized it.

Anyone up for a trip to Denver?

Look at the little hairs, man.

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