USA Women's World Cup Players Reenact Amazing Abby Wambach Goal With Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

We may never see another goal quite like Abby Wambach's incredible header in USA's Women's World Cup quarterfinal match against Brazil. But if anyone can reenact the highlight, it's Jon Stewart.

Stewart noted that although the U.S. lost in the final to Japan, "their play throughout the tournament was outstanding."

After showing the highlight, Stewart, who played soccer at Williams & Mary, ran to his "changing closet" and threw on some soccer gear so he could practice with the team.

Wambach and the other U.S. players, however, weren't too thrilled to see Stewart, but they played along anyways. After reenacting the amazing goal with Stewart as the goalkeeper, the comedian decided he wanted a shot at scoring a goal.

Unfortunately, Stewart missed and ended up flat on his back. Scroll down to watch the video.