Usain Bolt, Chris Johnson Race: Titans Running Back Thinks He Could Beat Olympic Track Legend

NFL Star Thinks He Could Be Bolt

It's certainly a brash claim, but you have to respect Chris Johnson's confidence -- or at least his PR savvy.

The Tennessee Titans' speedy running back thinks he could out-run Jamaican sprinting extraordinaire Usain Bolt. And it seems he's willing to prove it, as he's been attempting to set up a runoff since at least 2010.

But Johnson isn't fool enough to believe he could beat Bolt in, well... any of the track star's favored races, opting instead to flaunt his speed in the 40-yard dash.

“I feel like if I would have kept training for track I’d have a chance, but I play football and he runs track, so it’s totally different,” said Johnson to the Tennessean. “I think I could still probably beat him in the 40. If I actually trained for the distance he trained for, I think I’d have a chance.”

Bolt set a new Olympic record in the 100-meter dash at the London Olympics with a gold-medal time of 9.63 seconds. He also won his second consecutive Olympic gold in the 200-meter dash Thursday, becoming the first man to sweep both events twice.

Johnson, who was a track star in high school, ran his fastest 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in 2008 with a time of 4.24 seconds.

But that may not be fast enough. If you believe NFL analyst Brian Billick (or at least the anonymous mathematicians he cites), Bolt could theoretically run a 40-yard dash in a crazy-fast 3.97 seconds:

Football fans, don't get your hopes up to see a blistering Bolt-based running game just yet. The runner wants to play the other football, announcing earlier this week that he wants to try out for Manchester United.

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