Usain Bolt Dunk: NBA Celebrity Game Features Slam From Jamaican Track Star (VIDEO)

That Usain Bolt would be leading a fast break should come as no surprise.

The Olympic track icon who proclaimed himself "the greatest athlete to live" in London over the summer added a highlight more reminiscent of Dominique Wilkins than Carl Lewis to his resume on Friday night.

Playing for the East squad in the Celebrity Game in Houston, Bolt got out in transition in the final minute of the first quarter. Snagging a high pass with his right hand, the 6' 5" sprinter controlled the ball and then rose up for a two-handed slam.

While the Celebrity Game during NBA All-Star Weekend isn't exactly the proving ground for all-time greats, it was still impressive to see the rangy Bolt get out and run the floor.

The 26-year-old Jamaican opened his 2013 season with a rare run at 400 meters and has talked about expanding his program for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Maybe Jamaica's basketball team should give him a call? If Patrick Ewing would come out of retirement (and perhaps travel to Rio by DeLorean) then this team could have a formidable front court.

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