Usain Bolt Runs Rings Around James Corden In Olympic Rap Battle

"This show should end faster than one of my sprints."

Don’t even try to compete with Usain Bolt on the track ― or in a rap battle.

The Olympic sprint legend took on “The Late Late Show” host James Corden in a lyrical war of words for Wednesday night’s broadcast. 

And the insults got real funny, real fast.

Corden began brightly by busting out some hilarious lines. “After all those races you won in Brazil, you’re about to lose to a man standing still,” he quipped.

But after a few back and forths, the Jamaican athlete finally warmed up enough to question Corden about his sex life.

There was then only one thing left for him to do. Drop the mic.


Check out the full battle in the clip above.