Usain Bolt On SNL: Olympic Superstar Makes Appearance In Comedy Sketch (VIDEO)

Next time that you're looking for someone to fact check a political debate perhaps you could turn to Usain Bolt.

The Olympic sprint champ made a surprise cameo during a sketch about the vice presidential debates during the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live" and set the record straight.

In the cold open, Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan expanded on his previous misstatement regarding his marathon time to make a bold claim about his performance at the 2012 London Olympics. When he called on his "running partner" to verify his version of events, Bolt would not go along with the lie.

The debate sketch wasn't the only cameo for the sprint icon. Bolt also made a brief appearance in "The Californians," sporting a bright, blonde wig.

With 2016 still a long ways ahead, where will the self-proclaimed "greatest athlete to live" turn up next?

PHOTOS: Usain Bolt At 2012 Olympics

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