String Of Scandals Attracts Extra Scrutiny For USC Greek Life

String Of Scandals Attracts Extra Scrutiny For USC Greek Life

After a string of recent scandals, Greek life at the University of Southern California could undergo some serious changes.

Just last month, the university’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter lost its charter after a Loyola Marymount University student was injured at a party hosted at the fraternity house. One day later, five USC Sigma Nu pledges were arrested for allegedly stealing lawn ornaments and plants for a fraternity party.

This follows a few turbulent years for USC Greek life, peppered with various incidents including an offensive email allegedly sent from a Kappa Sigma student and multiple social bans stemming from alcohol-related medical transports.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, USC junior and HuffPost College editor-at-large Judah Joseph weighed in on the recent troubles and said that the administration is taking steps to make the university's Greek tradition “more inclusive” and “less misogynistic.”

“The university is really cracking down on underage drinking," Joseph said. "They're really cracking down on hazing allegations, and just like I said, in the last couple of months, a few pledges from a fraternity were actually arrested for pledge activity,” Joseph added, referring to the Sigma Nu pledge arrests.

Part of the impetus for the change is also coming from USC Greek alums, Joseph said.

“Things like that are really concerning the university and concerning alumni of each of these respective fraternities and sororities,” Joseph said. “[They are trying to] make sure that the reputations of the houses that they are associated with really live up to the expectations that they left it with when they graduated."

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