USC Students Protest Handling Of Rape Claims, Prepare To Sue School (VIDEO)

Dozens of students staged a protest at the University of Southern California Monday, saying the administration has failed to respond to rape claims, CBS reports in the video above.

USC student Tucker Reed told CBS she was raped in 2010 by a then-boyfriend and fellow USC student. She filed a complaint in November and, a few months ago, she identified him by name and photo on her blog because she "had nothing left to lose," she said.

Reed was notified in a letter last Thursday that her case was being closed without disciplinary action. "I submitted a binder worth of emails and four taped recordings in which my rapist confesses to raping me," said Reed.

USC issued a statement saying they investigate each claim thoroughly and that some investigations have ended in serious sanctions, including expulsion.

An attorney for Reed and roughly a dozen other female students expects to file a Title 9 complaint within the next week or so, CBS reports.

Similarly, in April, 37 Occidental College students filed a 250-page complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights saying the school failed to take campus sex crimes seriously by improperly reporting and adjudicating sexual assaults and covering up rapes.




Schools Investigating Or Reviewing Policies On Sexual Assault