Video Shows Rose Bowl Security Guard's Epic Takedown Of Fan Running On Field

Twitter users made sports-like commentary on the tackle that followed Saturday's game between USC and UCLA.

A Rose Bowl Stadium security guard made what one person called the “hit of the night” after a fan ran onto the field following Saturday’s game between Southern California and UCLA.

Video shows the fan, who darted onto the field following USC’s victory, holding up a phone and circling from an end zone toward the 50-yard line as security guards closed in.

One guard slammed the runner from the side, sending the phone flying and knocking the person to the ground. Another guard grabbed the person and roughly slammed them onto a sideline bench.

Watch the tackle below.

The drama followed the USC Trojans’ victory over the rival UCLA Bruins 48-45 to advance to the Pac-12 championship game this year.

Stadium officials couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on the guards’ rough treatment of the fan. It’s unclear whether the person was hurt.

Twitter users weighed in with their own commentary.

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