Use Your Influence: Choose Love

Use Your Influence: Choose Love
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You are a maker. You’re a doer. You’re a business owner.

You write. Or create art. Or teach others.


I don’t care if you’re just starting out or have been at this awhile. Your email list may consist of your mom and your best friend. You may only have 100 Twitter followers.

Or you may reach tens of thousands each week. You may serve hundreds of customers each month.

Wherever you are, use what you’ve got.

Never underestimate the importance of your work or message. It may seem trite, but if you can influence or inspire even just a few, then you have done your job well.

Now more than ever, in these tumultuous times…when folks are feeling raw, vulnerable and afraid…now is the time to use your voice and choose love.

Not “love” in the romantic sense, but like this:

· Love yourself and be self-confident so you don’t feel the need to bully others or let bullies win over you

· Love your neighbor so that all people can feel accepted and appreciated

· Love your clients so you can bring real, honest value to them

· Love your customers so you can make their lives better with your products or services

· Love you partners so you can create wins for that benefit everyone

· Love your community so you can collectively pull everyone up together

· Love your environment so its beauty and nourishment enriches generations to come

· Love your family and friends so they have a firm foundation to fully spread their own love to others

Here’s what I know to be true: No matter what your religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation, the only thing that matters is how you show up in the world and love. You are the example when you think no one is watching – because sometimes only YOU are watching, and you want to be proud of what you see.

Give thanks for the gifts you’ve been given. Start small and share them with whoever is in your circle of influence right now. If that’s just your family and friends, choose love. If that’s tens of thousands of email subscribers or Instagram followers, choose love.

We’re in this together. But do your part. Show up. Choose love.

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