Best Used Car Ad Ever Touts A Teal 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

Take a unicorn, promises of fast-growing beards and a teal 1995 Pontiac Grand Am, and what do you get?

Possibly the best used car ad you'll ever see.

It doesn't include anyone dressed as Uncle Sam, nor does it make promises about low prices. The Seattle Craigslist ad promises that if you buy this car, the experience will be "better than your last four romantic encounters, combined."

"I know what you're asking yourself, 'Am I man enough to handle a car this flawless?'" the ad reads. "The short answer is no."

The car is owned by Joe Strachila, of Everett, Wash., whose childhood friend Kyle Miller "dug deep into his manly creativity center (a place often filled with beer), and created the ad for me," Strachila said in an email to The Huffington Post. The Washington State grad, now an engineer for an aerospace company in Seattle, wrote that it's time to let someone else have the joy of owning the Pontiac.

Strachila's cellphone battery quickly died after the ad was posted. No doubt because he was getting calls from throngs of buyers in the Seattle area who are dying to get their hands on this teal Pontiac masterpiece.

Craigslist took down the ad shortly after the auto enthusiast website Jalopnik linked to it, declaring it "The Best Craigslist Car Ad Ever."

Miller, a communications manager near Seattle, said graphic design is a part of his job, and humor is a hobby.

"As you can probably guess, I love humor that blows simple things completely out of proportion," he said in an email. "I thought the ad was funny, but I am completely taken aback by the response."

See the ad (we scrubbed out Strachila's phone number, because we might want to buy the car ourselves) below:



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