Useful Cyber Monday Purchases For Every Household

While you might be stocking up on tech and toys, you can't forget to give your house some love, too.

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We found some of the best Cyber Monday deals on household products that you’ll want for your home.
We found some of the best Cyber Monday deals on household products that you’ll want for your home.

Cyber Monday might be the day you start checking off some gifts on your wishlist, like a puffer coat that you won’t freeze in, and presents that your loved ones have been hinting at (and that the kiddos have actually been begging for).

But you can’t forget to get a little something for your sacred space: home. It’s where you’re waiting to go all day when you’re away at work and the place that you spend the most time in.

While your home might not be at the top of your shopping list, it might need some little touches here and there that you’ll be thankful for. It’s really just an excuse to gift yourself.

Whether it’s an alcohol delivery service that’ll have drinks to your door for when you’re hosting a holiday party or a set of air purifiers that’ll have you breathing easy, we found some of the best Cyber Monday deals on household products that you’ll want for your home.

Take a look at the most useful household products we found on Cyber Monday:

A Drizly alcohol delivery.
Drizly / FlashStock Technology Inc.
Drizly works with local stores so you can shop their shelves by only moving a finger on your phone or laptop screen. You'll have drinks at your door in under an hour. Whether you're hosting a holiday dinner or just in need of a cold one on an even colder night, you won't have to step outside your house. For Cyber Monday, Drizly's offering $5 off or free delivery for new users with code CYBERMONDAY19 until Dec. 3.
A bar cart that's perfect for hosting and hors d'oeuvres.
This mid-century modern bar cart's as classy as they come. It has three-tiers with a bottom shelf that has guardrails to protect your beloved bottles and a handle so it's easy to roll around. It comes in black, white and brown so you can match it to your furniture. Your next party is sure to be a hit. Originally $250, get it for $156 at Overstock.
A sparkling water maker that'll save you from spending on LaCroix.
This little cordless machine from Fizzi turns tab water into sparkling water. It's designed to be space-saving so it doesn't take up an entire countertop. Plus, it has gold accents and won't look out-of-place anywhere you put it in. Originally $90, you can get it for $50 at Target..
A mattress topper that's a must-have if you're a sweaty sleeper.
One of the easiest things to do to make your bed an even more sacred space is getting a mattress topper. This memory foam mattress topper from Allswell that's infused with graphite, which takes away excess heat from the body. And it's well reviewed: a 4.6-star rating across almost 400 reviews. Get it for 20% off at Allswell for Cyber Monday.
Throw pillows worthy of binge-watching on the couch.
Society6 / Julia Walck
For those days when you just want to cozy up with hot chocolate and everyone in the family to watch "The Crown," you can upgrade your throw pillows so they're much more within your current aesthetic. Plus, it never hurts to have a lot of plush pillows lying around. Society6's having a 30% off sale for Cyber Monday on throw pillows like this colorful cake one, mugs, pouches and throw blankets.
A set of air purifiers that'll get the germs out and keep the clean air in.
Getting an air purifier is a sound investment if you have furrier family members who love to leave their hair everywhere. Luckily, you don't have to decide what part of the house to put one in with this set of two air purifiers. This set has a carbon filter that gets rid of smells that come from cooking and even smoke from wildfires. And you don't have to worry about these purifiers making weird noises since there's a quiet function you can press. Originally $560, you can get these two air purifiers on Amazon for $350. That's a deal you can breathe easy about.
A vacuum that also washes your floors.
If you want to get more chores off your checklist sooner, this vacuum might have the solution. This vacuum from Bissell has a cleaning system that lets you vacuum and wash your floors at the same time. And the vacuum's controls can switch swiftly from cleaning hard wood floors to area rugs. Originally $270, get it for $200 at Overstock.
A trash can that you won't have to fumble with when your hands are full.
There's no bucket on this trash can, so when your lift your outer lid you'll just have a liner. So no more clumsily attempting to get the garbage out and that means more room in this can. Plus, this trash can has a liner pocket inside that can dispense trash bags to make the task of taking out the trash so much easier. Originally $130, get the 45-liter can for $98.
A mixer for all your attempts at "Nailed It" and "Great British Baking Show" recipes.
This stand mixer from KitchenAid will come in handy for any holiday bake sales, as it boasts being able to make up to five dozen cookies in one batch. It's slightly smaller than a Classic KitchenAid stand mixer but has the same power. Originally $400, get it for $170 at Overstock.
An art print that'll make your home feel more homey.
Society6 / Julia Walck
Spruce up your house just in time for the holidays with new art prints, posters and other wall art to make the place even more your own. And if you know a friend's moving into a new place soon, it might be an easy gift to give. Fortunately, you won't to spend a ton to get art that speaks to your soul: Society6's having a Cyber Monday sale that includes 50% off posters, art prints and phone cases.
Electric toothbrushes and refillable floss for the whole family.
Quip has three-month subscription sets that include an electric toothbrushes, which we reviewed in August, toothpaste and refillable floss that we recently reviewed, too. Plus, Quip has starter sets for kids so that they won't hate flossing so much. And if a set isn't your style, you can opt for a one-time order. For Cyber Monday, Quip is 15% off orders of $55 or more and 20% off orders that are $145 or more with code HOLIDAYSALE.