12 Incredibly Useful Gifts For Expecting Parents They'll Thank You For Later

Because new parents are the ones who really benefit from newborn gifts.

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Pair any of these gifts for expectant parents with clothes, diapers and wipes, and you’ve got a truly memorable gift.
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Pair any of these gifts for expectant parents with clothes, diapers and wipes, and you’ve got a truly memorable gift.

Attending baby showers is a regular part of adulthood in the 21st century. With these events comes the added decision of what to give the expecting parents that they’ll actually want and use.

You want to show up with something they will appreciate, but not something they’ve probably already received. Another baby blanket? While it may get oooh’s and ahh’s in the moment, for most new parents, the usability of yet another baby blanket is low on the scale.

Instead, why not choose a gift that offers help, happiness or even a sigh of relief for both parents and baby? Remember, new parents are the ones who really benefit from these newborn gifts, so give them something they will thank you for later.

Step up your gift-giving game this season with these 12 gift recommendations the soon-to-be parents will be grateful to receive. Pair any of these with clothes, diapers and wipes — three things new parents will always appreciate — and you’ve got a truly memorable gift.

Take a look below:

This Boppy newborn lounger, to give everyone's arms a break
This pillow allows parents to place their newborn baby down just about anywhere that has a flat surface, giving their arms a necessary break and the baby a comfortable place to lounge. Get it on Amazon.
Kyte Sleep Sacks, so everyone can get some rest
These sleep sacks are like being wrapped up in a cloud, and are a safe alternative to having bulky blankets in the crib. They come in various sizes and weights so you can find the right one for your little one. Safe for baby, sleep guaranteed for parents. Get it on Amazon.
A subscription to Home Chef, so nobody has to worry about grocery runs
Home Chef
The last thing anyone wants to do when they are taking care of a newborn is worry about what’s for dinner. Give parents peace of mind with a gift like the ready-made delicious meals from Home Chef. Gift them a subscription to Home Chef.
A remedies basket to get them started
Fevers, colds, gas and pain don’t give a warning when they are going to pop up. Give parents a cute little basket filled with infant pain reliever, an infant thermometer, gas drops, and other wellness goodies to ensure they are prepared for any problems that arise. Get this caddy organizer basket on Amazon.
This perfect baby dome that provides protection from the sun
This product allows parents to lounge outside knowing their peanut-sized package is safe, comfy and protected from the sun. It also folds flat for easy storage. Get it on Amazon.
A Homedics Portable sound machine
This portable sound machine allows parents to run endless errands all while blocking out the sound of society for their little one with the click of a button. Get it at Target.
An infant pop-up tent, perfect for the summer
Beach trips, backyard parties, gardening and basically any other outdoor activity will be made easier with this easy-to-use pop-up tent with a cover for baby to hang out, play and grow into. Get it on Amazon.
This portable pop-up booster seat
A conundrum parents face is not knowing where to seat their child when they aren’t big enough for a regular chair and there is no high chair available. This easy-to-use seat even comes with a drawstring bag for easy travel. Get it at Target.
A wipe warmer (trust us)
Nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby. This wipe warmer allows for wake-free middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Get it on Amazon.
A clever tool for runny noses
It’s not the most visually appealing product, but this Nose Frida is very necessary to survive stuffy noses season. Get it on Amazon.
More cell phone photo storage for all those baby photos
Endless pictures are expected with the arrival of a new baby. Give the new parents the space to take as many as they want to. Get this external storage drive on Amazon.
Restaurant gift cards that deliver
Give the new parents the opportunity to order what they want, when they want it, with gift cards to local restaurants that deliver to their home. Grubhub is a good place to start.
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