10 Useful Mother's Day Gifts For Older Moms She'll Actually Use

If you're shopping for an older parent this Mother's Day, here are a few recommendations that aren't flowers.

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You usual Mother's Day gifts might not feel appropriate — or even possible — this year. If you're shopping for an older parent this Mother's Day, here are a few recommendations.
You usual Mother's Day gifts might not feel appropriate — or even possible — this year. If you're shopping for an older parent this Mother's Day, here are a few recommendations.

Finding a gift for an older parent can be tough, but it’s especially complicated during these difficult times.

In the past, you might have gifted your mom a new handbag or taken her out for a nice brunch, but some of those gifts might not feel appropriate — or are even possible — this Mother’s Day.

This year, Mother’s Day is May 10. If you have older parents, there’s a chance you haven’t seen them in person in a while in order to keep them healthy and safe. Most likely you don’t know when you’ll see them next, especially if they live far away.

That’s all the more reason to find mom an extra special gift this year that she can use and enjoy during these weird times, like beauty gifts if she’s missing her salon appointments or a fun hobby gift to help her pass the quaran-time.

Think of gifts for mom she wouldn’t normally get for herself, like a wine subscription or fancy new Le Creuset cookware (that’s on sale). You could also snag your mom something that will make her day-to-day easier, like a massage gun or CBD lotion.

To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day gifts for older moms below.

Take a look:

A way to get her favorite wines delivered to her door
Whether she's more of a Cabernet drinker or a Chardonnay fan, she'll appreciate getting her favorite blends sent right to her door. Sign up for a Winc wine delivery subscription starting at $60 at Winc.
A heated mug to keep her coffee or tea at the perfect temperature
Urban Outfitters
Because nothing is more annoying than having to microwave your morning coffee every 20 minutes. Just be sure to help her set up all the app-enabled features of the Ember so she her drink will be the perfect temperature every single time. Find this Ember 2 ceramic 10-ounce mug for $99 at Urban Outfitters.
A CBD lotion for aches and pains
This CBD lotion is formulated with shea butter and 100 milligrams of CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that reviewers say can help ease pain and inflammation and reduce anxiety. Find this Lord Jones CBD formula body lotion for $60 at Sephora.
A Le Creuset piece of cookware to level up her kitchen
Le Creuset
Beloved Le Creuset Dutch ovens, skillets and more are on sale at Le Creuset now through May 11, just in time for Mother's Day. Browse the full Le Creuset sale.
A new plant, for the mom with a green thumb
The Sill
Help mom get her garden and houseplants in order without making a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's. Instead, find plenty of plants that'll ship right to her from door from plant delivery services like The Sill. Find this Monstera Deliciosa for $62 at The Sill.
A DNA test, so she can learn more about her roots
HuffPost Finds
Even if your mom can spout off her family history without batting an eye, she'll still love learning more about her family lineage and roots with one of these ancestral DNA tests. We recommend either a 23andMe DNA test kit with health information ($199) or the Ancestry Kit ($149).
A way to find her keys, phone, wallet or more
Would your mom lose her own head if it weren't attached to her head? It might be time to get her some Tile products so she'll always find her keys, phone or wallet when they're missing. Make sure to help her set it up so she'll be prepared when the time comes and she needs to find something. Find a Tile Mate for $25 or Combo Set for $75 at Tile.
A massage gun for sore muscle and aches
What's the deal with massage guns? For starters, they can increase blood flow, decrease lactic acid from working out and supposedly interrupt the pain cycle in the brain. Learn more about massage guns, and find this Theragun Liv for $199 at Theragun.
A smartwatch to keep to keep her healthy
Best Buy
The Apple Watch Series 5 monitors your heart rate and rhythm, as well as includes fall detection. Find this Apple Watch Series 5 for $384 at Best Buy.
An all-in-one cooking gadget, for the mom who loves to cook
Bed Bath & Beyond
The Ninja Foodi does even more than the beloved Instant Pot. Not only does it pressure cook foods, but it also air fries foods to healthier crisp. If mom likes cooking but hates having different gadgets for everything, help her condense her kitchen with an all-in-one tool. Find this Ninja Foodi 6.5-quart pressure cooker for $180 at Bed Bath & Beyond.