16 Useful Items That’ll Literally Give You Time Back In Your Day

Why iron clothes or clean your shower when these products can do it for you?
A produce chopper and Downy wrinkle-release spray.
A produce chopper and Downy wrinkle-release spray.

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you probably never have enough time in the day to get everything done. While we can’t change the rules of physics to give you more hours, we can recommend some of these super handy and useful items that will save you seconds, minutes and maybe even hours every darn day.

Whether you’re chasing after kids, writing work emails, filling the car with gas or trying to figure out what’s for dinner, it seems like time flashes by, and as you climb into bed, there are somehow still 17 things on your to-do list. If you’re always looking to save time or to make a hectic day a little easier, these life-hack items will be a game changer.

From a vegetable cutting set that dices onions with a single motion to a programmable rice cooker you can set up to 24 hours before, these are items that present you and future you will appreciate together.

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AdirondackWoodGuy on Etsy
A weekly menu chalkboard to save you time going to the store
Indecisive cooks rejoice! This chalkboard dinner menu will help you plan out meals for the week, saving you lots of time at (and possible multiple trips to) the grocery store. It'll also dress up your kitchen! Spend a few minutes on a Sunday deciding what to do for dinners, then simply look at the chart after a long day of work, instead of staring into the open refrigerator as your tummy grumbles.

Promising review: "A really high quality piece and looks as represented in the posting. The sign has some heft to it. I’m really pleased with this purchase!" — Ashley Knight
Downy wrinkle release spray, so you never have to iron again
When you don't have time to iron, you'll love this Downy fabric spray that straightens out out clothes without heat. This set comes with two larger bottles and a small bottle to take on the go.

Promising review: “Not only does it remove wrinkles, it helps prevent them when you wear the treated clothes. What a time saver!” — Linda Chaplin
Glow Recipe
A watermelon clay mask for a five-minute home facial
When you don't have the time or funds to take yourself to a day spa, this hyaluronic acid-infused kaolin clay watermelon face mask is like a facial in five minutes. It minimizes the look of pores, hydrates your skin and evens tone and texture.

Promising review: "I love how smooth and soft my skin felt after using mask. I also like that it does minimize the appearance of my pores. I do have sensitive skin and left it on for 2 mins as was recommended and had no issues whatsoever. Will definitely be adding this to my skin care routine" — Deanee A.
An Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker you'll use every day
Make soup, meat, rice, yogurt and more in much less time with this versatile electric Instant Pot pressure cooker. You can also save time looking for recipes by scrolling the Instant Pot app, and rest easy knowing the overheat protection and safe-locking lid will keep you secure.

Promising review: "This is easily the best investment i've made related to cooking. The instant pot is very versatile and easy to use. You can make many things on the side while it cooks, saving time and reducing the time required to prepare some recipes." — Daniel Barcasnegras
Wet & Forget shower cleaner to save you from scrubbing
As the name states, with this product, you can literally set it and forget it. Save yourself from hours of scrubbing your shower with this weekly spray that tackles grim and dirt on its own.

Promising review: "One of the best purchases I have made for cleaning the bathroom. Spray your shower or tub leave it overnight or longer wipe with a sponge. I do not hate cleaning the bathroom anymore, and I save a lot of time with this product."Brian L. Mayers
Ilia Beauty
A pigmented multi-stick you can use all over
Save time in your morning routine with this buildable, versatile cheek and lip color. It comes in an easy-to-apply container in 12 colors and doesn't need brushes for application.

Promising review: "Amazing product - easy to apply and looks great." — Ashley M
An iRobot vacuum you can control with your phone
Forget spending hours vacuuming and picking up pet hair and dander and enjoy the ease of this iRobot Roomba i3 EVO vacuum. It has smart mapping to plan out your space, so you'll never need to redirect it from banging into the wall, and it works on carpets and hard floors.

Promising review: "I have a golden retriever and she sheds so much, I was vacuuming every day. This little Roomba saved me so much time. I was so impressed by how much hair it picks up. This is fabulous." — deborah716
An electric razor that'll speed up your grooming
Speed up your grooming, especially around your, ahem, delicate areas, with the Meridian trimmer plus. It's intended to give you a precise trim with ease, and has five adjustable settings and an anti-nick shaving guard.

Promising review: "Works as needed. Cuts simply and without any fuss!" — Ez
A versatile produce chopper that does all the work for you
Dice, ribbon and spiralize your veggies quickly with this versatile kitchen gadget. You'll save time on chopping and cleaning your knifes and cutting board and will end up with perfectly cut produce for quick and easy dinners.

Promising review: "This is a life changer. Cuts my time in half on chopping vegies and fruits manually by hand with a knife. I make a ton of pico de gallo and other salsa's. Time saver. It's study, easy to wash and store. I love it." — Adriana
A programmable rice and slow cooker you can set up to a day in advance
Make rice, grains, soups, eggs, oatmeals and so many other foods with this highly-rated programmable slow cooker. It runs with two timers and lets you pre-set cooking up for 24 hours before, so you can prep meals before super busy days.

Promising review: "Really good rice cooker for the $. I use this daily. Saves me time and money. Only con is doesn't work well with sweet apple rice. Works great with medium grain white rice." — vetspert
Shopping cart dividers that turn into bags
Say goodbye to wasting time sorting groceries both at the store and when you get back to the house. This set of four reusable color-coded grocery bags fit a standard shopping cart and will keep you organized as you stock up on weekly snacks and meal ingredients. One bag is insulated to help keep cold foods cold.

Promising review: "These save so much time with groceries, especially when bringing groceries in from the car and putting them away. The insulated grocery bag provides peace of mind for colder goods. The handles help the bags fit well in a shopping cart. The bags are durable and can carry many groceries at one time. The bags roll up together in a small column for easy storage. We use this purchase every week at Publix, and always get at least one comment from other shoppers or cashiers asking where they can buy their own, too." — Florida customer
A paw cleaner to stop mud tracks before they happen
Never again chase after your muddy furry friend or take time to clean their dirty paw marks with this hand-held paw cleaner. Keep it by the door and give your pet a quick rubdown before letting them back in the house.

Promising review: "So we just moved into a new build and we don't have sod yet. Our yard is basically a straw covered mud pit and we have 3 little dogs. It's been a mess.
Finally decided to give this little gem a try and zoinks! It works so well! I put warm water in the mud buster before I let the pups out. I almost think they like it, the warm water and the bristles feel good on those puppy toes. It's also saving me a ton of time that was spent spot cleaning the muddy prints off the floor! One of my favorite lil buys!" — Amazon customer
Our Place
A stoneware baking set you can cook, serve and keep leftovers in
Finally, a good-looking set of cookware you can put in the oven, on the table and in the fridge with leftovers. This five-piece set comes in six colors with three bakers, a sheet pan and a reusable baking sheet to eliminate the need for parchment paper.

Promising review: "So well made! Easy clean up. Completely obsessed with the cookware I purchased. Would highly recommend." — Meredith S.
A kid's baking set that's super easy to clean up
If your little one loves to help in the kitchen, but you don't have the time to involve them on a busy day, this whimsical baking set has everything they need to embrace their inner chef on their own. The velcro pieces make it easy to clean up and the moveable mixer will keep little hands busy for hours.

Promising review: "This is my 2.5 year old’s favorite Christmas toy this year. He hasn’t stopped playing since he opened it. Well made, lots of ways to play, and he loves the little box oven." — JH
A solid pet shampoo bar to make bath time quick and easy
If your pet hates getting a bath, liquid soaps that can spill and hard-to-open bottles may add time and stress to your day. This solid pet shampoo bar is made with neem, oatmeal, and coconut oil, intended to make pet bath short and sweet.

Promising review: "Easy to use on my sensitive pooch" — Michelle B.
U Beauty
A fast-absorbing body cream that lasts all day
No one has time to loll about naked after the shower waiting for their moisturizer to dry. This fast-absorbing body cream seeps deep into your skin in moments and provides intense nourishment for up to 48 hours.

Promising review: "Amazing body lotion! I love the depth of the creaminess and the glow my skin has after I put it on. Highly recommend!" — Tricia W.
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