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21 Useful White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Practical gifts don't have to be expensive!
11/29/2017 12:25pm ET | Updated November 30, 2017

Don’t get us wrong, we love white elephant gifts that are so bad they’re good. But sometimes you want to give a gift that you know will actually get used at some point or another. In honor of practical gift-giving, we’ve searched the internet for these 21 useful ideas for gift exchanges.

Take a look below at these under-$20 white elephant gifts for anyone who’s down with practical purchases:

Cable yoyo
A sleek way to keep your headphones and other charging cables from knotting. Get it here.
Electric car blanket
This heated travel blanket is a must-have for drivers, especially those in cold-weather states. Just keep it in your trunk for emergencies, to store it up front for everyday use during the winter months. Get it here.
Portable phone battery/charger
Literally everyone can use one of these. Get it here.
Portable wireless speaker
Features FM radio, handsfree calling, HD audio, enhanced base and bluetooth capabilities. Get it here.
Go Anywhere travel guide
With tips like "Choose the longest way today," and "Find the highest point of this city accessible by walking," this travel guide is perfect for jetsetters. Get it here.
A travel wallet
This wallet stores everything -- credit cards, cash, boarding passes, a passport, and even a phone. Get it here.
Phone storage workout bottle
This clever water bottle holds your iPhone (5, 6 or 7) and other gym essentials -- while keeping you hydrated. Get it here.
Movie theater gift card
Don't overthink it. A movie theater gift card is a gift that you know will get used. Get one here.
Succulent planters
You can never have too much greenery in your living spaces. Get it here.
Mini garment steamer
Perfect for travelers, space savers and, well, basically everyone. Get it here.
Universal travel charger
A traveler can never have too many. Get it here.
Dog bowl water bottle
Keep your canine BFF hydrated on the go. Get it here.
Headphone wrap
For the commuter whose headphones are always in an incomprehensible knot. Get it here.
Travel nail kit
Why is it that you can never find a pair of nail clippers when you need them? Get it here.
Waterproof phone bag
This isn't something needed everyday, but when you need one, you need one. Ideal for the outdoor adventurer in your life. Get it here.
Outdoor wine glasses
Spill no more. Get get a set of 2 here.
Mini tool kit
Literally everyone can use a mini tool kit because, chances are, pieces of the one they bought years ago are lost or missing over the years. Get it here.
Collapsible water bottle
Stay hydrated and save space. Get it here.
Mini food processor
Once you have one of these, you don't remember how you lived without it. Get it here.
Six-pack cooler tote
Keep your favorite brew cold while traveling. Get it here.
Wine wipes
For the wino in your life. Get it here.

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