Usher, 'Scream' Video: Singer Dances While Looking 4 Himself In A Dimly Lit Room (VIDEO)

WaTCH: Usher Is Still A REALLY Good Dancer

Usher has released the music video for his latest single "Scream," and fans expecting his signature moves may be slightly disappointed.

We can't really tell what Usher is doing in this video, but here's what we do know: He's apparently looking 4 himself in a dimly lit, yet incredibly large, room. There, he runs into beautiful women and even manages to catch a performance of the off-broadway show Fuerza Bruta before ending up on a stage in front of a screaming crowd. Mission accomplished, Usher.

The video was directed by BBGun. “Scream” is the second single off his seventh studio album, Looking 4 Myself, which was released in the U.S. earlier this week.

Here's what people are saying about Usher's new album:

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