Using Text to Boost Holiday Sales for Your Small Business


If you're looking for a low-cost way to reach your customers during the holidays, consider text message marketing. According to research, coupons sent via text message offer high redemption rates. In fact, our clients have seen 7% to 12% coupon redemption rates as a result of using text message marketing.

However, text messaging campaigns aren't just about coupons. In fact, there are a ton of other ways you can use text to boost sales for your small business this season.

Here are some of our favorite sales-boosting tips:

1. Focus on Your Current Customers

What better group to start with than your own customers? However, keep in mind that customers must opt-in to receive text messages from your company. You can encourage them to sign up by promoting your offer in ads, on social media and through other marketing channels. In the end, keeping in touch with your customers via text can motivate them to shop at your business more often.

2. Give Them Exciting Offers

While coupons might come to mind as the first option for an offer, don't forget about the many other options you have. You can use text to entice customers with daily specials and access to exclusive events. You can also run a holiday sweepstakes or give away freebies via a text message marketing campaign. Some of these tactics can even be used to help you get new business the same day you send out the message. The possibilities are simply endless for offers that can get the cash register ringing.

3. Get Your Customers to Share

Take advantage of today's culture of sharing. One way to amplify your holiday message is to ask customers to share the promotion for additional savings. This technique can help you increase not only subscribers, but also sales.

4. Analyze Your Results

Part of getting great results is discovering the right sending frequency and content for your messages. If you text your customers too often, they are likely to unsubscribe. We suggest once or twice a week at most. Simply changing the timing or the wording of your messages has the potential to lift sales more than expected. So, don't forget about testing when you run your next campaign.

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