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Using Your Words to Reach Your Business Goals

Your words literally have creative power and the ability to transform your life. Many people don't realize that their level of success is directly connected to the words they are saying every day. In my office, we have a saying: "If anything can go well, it will!"
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Your words literally have creative power and the ability to transform your life. Many people don't realize that their level of success is directly connected to the words they are saying every day. In my office, we have a saying: "If anything can go well, it will!"

You have an amazing force at your disposal that can help bring you the life that you want: your mouth! You can speak life, happiness and prosperity into physical existence just by opening your mouth. Begin to say something in the direction of your dreams. Your words create your world. If you change what you say, you can change your life's outcome.

With the power of positive affirmations, you can create the successful life and business that you want. The key is to focus on what you want instead of what you do not want. Every day, we're creating our world with words fueled by our own emotions. Every word that you speak is either bringing you closer to your goals or taking you farther from them. This is why positive affirmations--intentionally speaking positive statements every day-- are so important to your success. For example, "I will bring in 10 new clients this month" is better than saying, "I don't lose any clients this month." The positive phrase will cause you to focus on bringing in new clients, while the negative affirmation will cause you to focus on losing clients.

What will positive affirmations do for you and your business?

1. Help you to focus your mind to achieve your business goals. Rehearsing positive statements aloud reminds you of what to focus on and keeps your thoughts in line with your goals. The more you hear positive statements of achievement and success, the more you will believe it and eventually achieve it.

2. Help you to filter your daily conversation to ensure it supports your goals. Once you begin speaking positively about your business goals and dreams, you become more conscious of your conversation and will make a deliberate effort to avoid counteracting positive statements with negative ones. Many people are often amazed at how negative their conversations can be throughout the day. Affirmations will help you to tweak your talk to stay on target with your desired outcome, by putting a positive spin on it.

3. Help you paint a picture of your desired outcome on the canvas of your imagination. Words are visual. Every word evokes imagery, so it's important that you speak positive, vivid words that ignite your vision of success and achievement.

Say affirmations about what you want to have, do, be, see and experience. Don't limit yourself. As you begin to say your daily affirmations, you will find yourself believing them more and more. Your mind will then begin to subconsciously look for ways to accomplish these things and you will begin to attract what you say into your life.

When speaking your affirmations, use positive statements like the following:

  • "I am a creative thinker who makes money from my ideas."

  • "My business is growing and expanding every day."
  • "Making money is easy!" This one is a personal favorite and I even had drinking cups made with this affirmation on them. My staff and I are always working to increase our water intake, and so the cups are perfect to keep us focused and motivated each time we take a sip of water--they literally are "Sip 'n' Say" cups that prompt you to speak this positive statement aloud as you use them throughout the day.
  • Affirmations are probably one of the easiest success tools you have at your disposal that you can take fast action on and implement right away. Here are a few tips to getting started...

    Take out your goals list and begin to declare your success. A positive affirmation is simply talking with expectation about your desires. You can write an affirmation in declarative statements using the present tense to verbally express your desired outcome in your business. Always speak in the present tense, like it is already happening. Your words have powerful creative ability, so it is important that you speak what you desire on a daily basis. Keep saying it until you believe what you are saying in your heart and mind.

    My Successful Woman Affirmation Program will help you create a thriving business with the words you speak daily. By listening to the audio and repeating the affirmation, you can recondition your thinking and break down the barriers that hinder your success. You will simultaneously attract prosperity, success and fulfillment like you never have before.

    Surround yourself with positive people, have positive conversations and take a break from negative news. To protect your positive mind and atmosphere, refuse to say, hear or agree with any negative words--especially about your business or income. Instead, flip the switch and replace all negative expressions with positive ones. Speak statements that create positive energy, perpetuate a positive outlook and build positive expectation--you need expectation and hope to reach your goals in business.

    Start saying what you believe in the present tense.
    Don't put everything in the future tense; say it like it's happening right now: "I am now manifesting what I want!" Focus on the good, expect good things to happen for you and you'll see that more good will come your way. It can be something simple as saying: "I easily and effortlessly attract positive situations, opportunities and uplifting people into my life that cause me to have a flood of goodness daily!"

    For the next 30 days, challenge yourself to make a conscious effort to watch your words and speak only positive statements. Stop yourself from saying anything negative. It might feel strange at first, but it will become easier as the days go by. Soon, positive affirmations will be so natural that they are built into every conversation that you have. This principle can be summed up like this: Say it ... say it like you believe it ... say it like it's happening right now--and your business will be impacted like never before.