Utah Struggles With Liquor Laws Mandating Bartenders Be Hidden From View

Utah is currently struggling with draconian liquor laws that mandate that restaurant bartenders must be hidden from public view and that 70 percent of restaurant receipts must be for meals, explains the Salt Lake Tribune.

Restaurant owner Dimitri Golesis wanted a bar for people to watch sports and watch the bartender mix drinks. "But with no bartender in sight, few of our customers want to sit at what is now just a counter." The manager at Silver restaurant in Park City also felt that the rules gave visitors a negative impression about Utah.

Between 2001 and 2009, alcohol consumption by gallon has increased 54 percent in Utah, more than double that of the population increase.

In the past, a private club membership was required to enter bars. That policy has since been eliminated, proving that there is hope for other outdated liquor laws to follow suit.