Utah May Name Its New Pro Football Team 'Teamy McTeamface'

The Internet is undefeated.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your Utah Teamy McTeamface!"

Imagine that coming from the loudspeaker at a professional football game as the players take the field.

The name isn't a done deal yet, but fans of Utah's new Indoor Football League club are sure liking it.

Visitors who headed to the site to vote for a team name have vaulted the wacky moniker to the top of the list as of Thursday morning, just ahead of the Stormin' Mormons. The Utah Electric Emus is also among the top 10.

"If the fans want Teamy McTeamface, then we're going to be the Utah Teamy McTeamface," Project FANchise CEO Sohrob Farudi told the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Farudi repeated his pledge on Twitter Thursday.

But he did concede that Stormin' Mormons might bring up more sensitive issues. "Clearly, we are not out to offend anybody," he said to the Tribune. "I think, to me, that one is probably in the gray area."

The Mc-naming craze flourished after netizens voted to name a British polar research ship "Boaty McBoatface" but were overruled.

The winning team name will be announced June 3 and the team is expected to take the field at the Maverik Center in 2017.