Confusion Grips Board Of Elections As General Election Looms

Gothamist has posted an interview with an election day coordinator who claims he was totally unprepared for his tasks on Primary Day. "Myself and another person became coordinators with no training whatsoever on how to operate the machines. We were left to make it up as we go along!"

In Bushwick, a poll worker claims that employees of Vito Lopez-owned Hope Gardens Multi-Service Center were actively persuading elderly voters to cast their vote for Lopez, going so far as to even filling out their ballots for them.

Authorities are still concerned about whether the Board of Elections, in the wake of all these public follies, will be able to handle the general election on November 2nd. At a review on Monday, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn chided the Board for its lack of organization. "It is unacceptable," she said, "that any voter should be disenfranchised as a result of bureaucratic missteps." The Executive Director, George Gonzalez, defended his agency's handling of the election, saying, "in my eyes, the election went OK."

The Board recently spent $90,000 on a poll to counteract the onslaught of criticism. Mayor Bloomberg called this yet another "flub" in a long line of mistakes.