Uzo Aduba And Abigail Breslin Recreate Classic Male Monologues

Women can be cannibalistic serial killers too!

Is there any role Uzo Aduba can't play? 

For Glamour's new video series "Role Reversal," the magazine commissioned actresses Uzo Aduba, Abigail Breslin and Julia Garner to deliver classic male movie monologues from the films "Silence of the Lambs," "Fight Club" and "There Will Be Blood."

The series not only gives actresses a chance to make their mark on some of the most defining moments in film history (watch your back, Anthony Hopkins), but also demonstrates the diverse roles women of all types should have on screen. 

“In a time when women actors complain of the absence of meaty roles to sink their teeth into -- and women make up only 30 percent of characters who even get to speak in top-grossing films -- Glamour is proud to showcase some of this generation’s most talented young women taking on these memorable roles,” said the magazine's editor in chief, Cindi Leive.

Check out the three clips below. 

"Fight Club" isn't the only classic movie Abigail Breslin has been attached to this week. The 19-year-old was recently cast in the "Dirty Dancing" TV musical remake, much to our chagrin. Hopefully, she'll do more than put on a leather jacket and a snarl to prepare for her next iconic role. 

It's time a men's magazine follows suit with its own role-reversal series. Our suggestion? Justin Bieber recreating one of Jessica Lange's outstanding "American Horror Story" monologues

Your move, GQ. 

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