V. Bozeman & Angel Haze Set Their Sights On Conquering The Music Industry: BV 365 (VIDEO)

This week on Huff Post BlackVoices’ weekly entertainment series BV 365, host Teri Johnson introduces two talented females looking to make their mark in the music industry, Cee-Lo Green’s singing protégé, V. Bozeman and Hip-Hop artist, Angel Haze.

The witty rapper opens up on her double persona saying, “I try my best to live normal life, free of an ego or an ego that’s unnecessary.” And during the segment with V. Bozeman, when asked to describe her musical style, the singer revealed that she likes to classify herself as a “universal global soul singer.”

Check out the behind these exclusive interviews in this week’s episode of BV 365. And if you missed last week’s episode, you can also watch it below.