The V Generation: Vitamins, Viagra And Vibrators

As seniors, we have become part of the 'V' Generation, although this should come as no surprise. As seniors, we are time-tested Veterans of the Sexual Revolution. Remember when sex had nothing to do with love, fidelity, commitment and responsibility?
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As seniors, we have become part of the "V" Generation, although this should come as no surprise. As seniors, we are time-tested Veterans of the Sexual Revolution. Remember when sex had nothing to do with love, fidelity, commitment and responsibility? Well, for many of us, the options for a fulfilling sex life have even expanded further. Let's investigate the three Vs of Senior Sex.

First things first, we have to have some energy in order to enjoy -- and be enjoyed -- in bed. So, be sure to take your daily complement of vitamins. I've experimented with all types. I've purchased vitamins from local merchants, signed up for vitamins customized for my own body, and I'm now taking encapsulated fruits and vegetables. Do they work? I feel great so I guess the answer is, "Yes." I've heard rumors that Viagra® is responsible for nursing home orgies. Personally, I can't say much about this in Grandpa Does Grandma ~- The ABCs of Senior Sex Viagra®. Up to this point I've not found the necessity to use it. My brain and my genitals are still talking to each other. So far, so good! That being said, if you need some help in that area, I'm told that Viagra® will get you up for the task at hand IF your heart is healthy enough to have sex.

As for vibrators, the Durex Global Sex Survey says, "43 percent of Americans have used a vibrator. Worldwide, more than 20 percent of adults have used a vibrator." Let's be honest, vibrators, dildos, anal beads, etc., can be thrilling and fulfilling. Be sure to invest (wisely) in a travel vibrator. For example, The Pocket Rocket. Buy a rechargeable one or you can use your own rechargeable batteries. Test it for noise and output strength before you spend your money. You can purchase The Rabbit made popular by the hit TV show "Sex and the City" or you can purchase Flipper the Dipper at your local adult sex shop. If you're a female with all the standard equipment, your choice of vibrator can be a matter of widely varying taste.

Several come to mind; Rabbit vibrators have a long, phallic, rotating shaft that penetrates the vagina while simultaneously a clitoral stimulator vibrates independently. G-spot vibrators are built with a curved tip and a long shaft. Once inserted, a woman can reach her G-spot on the upper wall of her vagina. How about a remote controlled vibrator? It fits into your panties w/o wires. Just press the remote for instant pleasure. WOW! For a wide range of choices check out:

It's widely believed that vibrators are more common for women. While that may or may not be true, let's not forget about the men. Our best choice is probably an electric or battery powered vibrator that comes with a cup-shaped attachment. It's designed to surround the head of your penis and transmit vibrations directly to the penal glands. As an aside, if you have a pacemaker and you're using a vibrator, make sure they are not on the same frequency. While you may double your pleasure you may also increase your pain. Value the intimacy of your relationship. Remember when sex had nothing to do with love, fidelity, commitment and responsibility? As seniors, we are time tested Veterans of the Sexual Revolution.


It may come as some surprise for people reading my husband's column on Senior Sex that he's also a celebrated author of multiple books, and a sought after speaker and trainer in corporate America. His resume is as well-rounded as his -- ahem -- "appetite." I'm happy to offer the softer side of a few of his columns:

After focusing on my 'V' words, I quickly discovered women had their own view of how best to describe their 'V.' Their V was for vulnerability. Women cry easily, share feelings willingly and empathize passionately. Women who are willing to be vulnerable recognize that it fosters intimacy. The challenge is getting their man to be as open as they are. Get it? I'm telling you that vulnerability leads to intimacy. More openness equals more intimacy. Do I make myself clear? My newly discovered 'V' word is NOT Vagina - it's Visit. That's right: VISIT!

Jeannie Robertson, a wonderfully funny comedienne, said that just asking your wife/partner when you want to have sex may not be as romantic as, "Can I visit with you!" That way, Jeannie says, your partner can prepare for what's to come. Imagine that! At first, I thought that asking Grandma if I could visit was weird. Asking to visit instead of simply asking for sex seemed kind of kinky. Asking if you can visit, however, actually sounds romantic. "I would love to visit with you tonight." Or, "Let's go to bed early so we can have time for a visit! It gives your partner some heads up that you are looking forward to some sex later in the day or night. If visiting is not your cup of tea, some other approaches may be: Shall we shake the sheets? Would you like to do the horizontal twist and shout? Do you want to take a trip to the land down under? Or simply, Can my snake play in your grass? Visiting is still working for me. It all sounds better than, "Do you want to get laid?"

Hey, if another approach works better, by all means go for it. If you're not getting anywhere with the way you're expressing your desires now, you can always test this expression to see if it gets the results you want.

NOTE: My corporate presentations are always customized to my audience. I educate, entertain and encourage participants to pursue their dreams and live their lives their way!

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