V-Shaped Nail Art: Why We Love The Modern Half-Moon Manicure (PHOTOS)

Why We Love The Modern Half-Moon Manicure

Dear Dita Von Teese, we'd hate to be the one to rub this in your face, but your signature half-moon manicure is really old news.

The bare cuticle nail look, which first gained popularity among fashion-forward women in the late '30s and was recently made famous thanks to the burlesque star's press-on nails, has evolved into an edgier V-shape.

We first spotted actress Lake Bell flaunting the angular nail art in navy nail polish and gold detail at the Sundance Film Festival. Then country music star Miranda Lambert showed up at the Grammys sporting a metallic manicure with silver and blue "V" nail accents. But it wasn't until our recent run-in with celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi that we realized how much V-shaped nail art has really taken off. (She's even made it her spring nail signature).

"The V-shape has achieved new-found popularity this season because it affords more diversity than the half-moon design," Jin Soon told us. "You can create a short and wide 'V,' a skinny 'V' or a dramatic 'V.' It can look classic, sophisticated, casual, sporty, modern, chic, and stylish -- it all depends on your nail polish color, nail length and nail shape."

While the V-shape employs the same basic application principles as the half-moon, Jin Soon believes that the former has a much more dynamic look that helps to elongate the appearance of your nails. You hear that, short-nailed ladies?!

To get this manicure, it is simply a matter of choosing two contrasting colors and making sure to use the lighter color on the entire nail bed, then painting the "V" with the darker shade. Paint from the left diagonally, then the right diagonally, overlapping approximately 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2-inches above the nail tip to achieve your desired V-shape. Try to paint the diagonal in one fell swoop and not too slowly. If you paint it too slowly, the edge will not be as straight as it could be.

Check out these V-shaped nail art in the slideshow below, then tell us what you think about the modern half-moon manicure in the comments section.

V-Shaped Nail Art Trend

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