25 Foods That Will Always Remind You Of Vacation

The best vacations, one might say, are vacations planned around food.

And whether they were first nibbled during a white-sand getaway or on a backpacking trek through Europe, some foods (and drinks!) will forevermore trigger glorious, blissful, carb-filled vacation memories with just a single taste.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Piña coladas

2. Chips and salsa

3. A massive bowl of handmade pasta


4. Fresh baguettes with butter

5. A club sandwich
The classic poolside lunch order.
club sandwich hotel

6. Hot waffles piled with toppings

7. Croissants
No, not the ones from the airport Starbucks case. We want the Parisian kind, people.

8. Hand-held crepes oozing with Nutella
Bonus points if you watched the guy flip them on the street.
nutella crepe

9. Room-service pancakes
pancake hotel

10. Macarons in a pretty box

11. Fish tacos
fish tacos

12. A tiny, perfect cappuccino
They're always smaller abroad.

13. Hot dogs from a cart

14. Coronas with lime
Sunset optional.
corona beer beach

15. Doner kebab
Any study abroad student will agree.
doner kebab

16. Whole coconuts
Just like a human, it's not what's on the outside that matters. It's the milk within that counts.

17. Ceviche

18. Caviar
The quintessential vacation indulgence.

19. A perfect little chocolate
Tuck it on your bed to pretend you just had hotel turndown service.
chocolate bed

20. Margaritas

21. Funnel cake
It's a theme park staple. And when besides vacation would you EVER agree to consume a tangled puddle of grease-dunked dough?
funnel cake

22. All-you-can eat buffets of questionable quality
They just scream "all-inclusive Caribbean resort" and the end of bikini diet season.
resort buffet

23. Roast nuts from a street vendor
street nuts

24. Fried plantains
For the last time, they're NOT the same as bananas. And if you've ever vacationed in Central America, you know that full well.
fried plantains

25. Any snack with just a liiittle sand sprinkled on it
Seriously-- try it tomorrow. It'll totally make your office lunch feel like a genuine beach picnic.
fried plantains

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