'Vacation Jason' of 'The Chris Gethard Show' Drops New Single, Banana Peels at AOL

UPDATED at 3PM with official lyrics, courtesy of VACATION JASON himself!

"The Chris Gethard Show" was once an underground comedy powerhouse, starting at UCB and then airing in New York's local access channel.


Last year's jump to cable garnered an amazing response making the show a critical darling.


On Friday, April 15th, the cast stopped by AOL BUILD to chat with AOL What to Watch host, Ricky Camilleri, about the show. Unfortunately, there was a CRASHER.

Vacation Jason showed up to reek havoc, protest social norms, eat the core of his apple, all while doing the first barefoot BUILD Series since Joss Stone.


Luckily, before the police arrived, the audience (and now the world) was able to here the premiere of Vacation Jason's new single:

Vacation Forever

I said I'm on Vacation Forever
Vacation Forever
Always a tropical drink in my vicinity
vacation forever, the vacation is eternal
with no ending or beginning, the vacation is a circle

aloha, I'm on vacation again
landlubbers surf the internet, I'm busy hanging ten
as soon as a vacation ends, another one begins
I'm Vacation Jason baby, I'm your beaches best friend

Had to grab another drink
my shorts are always blue, my flower lei is always pink
I'm always on vacation so I never have to think
about the problems in your life that make you want to see a shrink

yeah, I see you pounding that pavement
meanwhile I'm on a thousand vacation
Is that astounding? I thought it's basic
dude what kind of shoes you got on, fuckin asics?


anyway, I stay surfing on many waves
I build a sand castle, grab your bucket on any day
I'm in the sea everyday like I'm a manta ray
I'm eating shrimp for lunch exclusive-lay for like 20 days

said they want to kick me out of the yacht club
cause I play my music loud in the hot tub
you can be a hater, I'm busy using radar
yeah, I'm underwater in the hot sub

vacation, all I see is sky
sunset from the jet, it's so pretty I could cry
landlubbers and their mothers thinking vacation would die
but aloha: it means hello and goodbye

^^^^^ Seriously, watch that.

Here is a classic episode featuring The Human Fish and Difficult People's Julie Klausner:

Catch the The Chris Gethard Show on Fusion. If you're in the tri-state area, request tickets to taping.