Vacation Sex: 40 Percent Of Women Under 30 Had A One-Night Stand During A Trip, Says Survey

What 40 Percent Of 20-Something Women Have Done

All of us need a vacation every once in awhile to sustain our mental health, but apparently some of us have more fun on than others. A new survey indicates that women in their 20s do a lot more than relax on summer work breaks -- they have quite a few one-night stands.

The survey, conducted by dating travel website, polled 30,000 British women (all of whom are members of the site), the Daily Mail reported. Participants were asked 10 questions about their sexual behavior on summer vacations. Over 40 percent of participants under 30 reported having had a one-night stand during a trip, and 10 percent said that they had five or more sexual partners over the course of a week-long holiday. Thirty-five percent reported having just one partner.

The poll also found that the women surveyed -- of all ages -- were more likely to have a casual sexual encounter during a trip than in their everyday lives. “It is clear that women become much more sexually liberated when they are out of their comfort zone,” MissTravel CEO Brandon Wade told the Daily Mail. “Travel is a great aphrodisiac. It shakes up your normal routine and makes everyone, not just women, much more sexually adventurous.” A survey released earlier this month by Intrepid Travel corroborates Wade’s theory. The Australian poll found that having traveled actually increases people’s sex appeal.

One night stands aren't exclusive to Brits and Australians, of course. Of the 6,000 American men and women polled in a survey released in February, over 50 percent had engaged in a one-night stand. Wonder how many of those occurred during a vacay...

What do you think? Are women more likely to have casual sex when away from home? What about men? Have you ever had a vacation fling, and if so, how did you feel about it?

The MissTravel survey also looked at where singles are initiating their vacation trysts:

A Nightclub Or Bar -- 48%

Where People Meet Their Vacation One-Night Stands

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