Vacations For Traveling Boomers: 10 Best Spots (PHOTOS)

10 Best Vacation Spots For Post50s

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that today's 50+ generation -- which is notoriously outspoken and influential -- likes to rewrite the book. From parenting to marriage to retirement, boomers have found and continue to find new ways of separating their values from those of their parents.

One of the clearest examples of this phenomenon is evident when looking at the Post50 crowd's relationship with traveling. Whereas previous generations saw traveling as a luxury, today's over-50 set sees travel and cultural excursions as a necessity to a well-rounded life. In fact, a recent Los Angeles Times article found that a growing number of boomers place greater importance on travel and personal comfort than on leaving an inheritance to their children. If such sentiments don't indicate the importance of going out and seeing the world, then consider that these opinions have remained unchanged amidst a tumultuous economy and high unemployment numbers for older Americans.

Huff/Post50 recently spoke about boomers' relationship with travel with Carol and David Porter, the minds behind The Roaming Boomers, an online luxury travel magazine. The Porters started The Roaming Boomers after the 2008 recession leveled their retirement savings.

As experts on adventure, reinvention and discovery, the Porters seemed like the perfect people to ask about the 10 best vacation spots for Post50s. We think you'll agree. Enjoy their tips and gorgeous photographs below:

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#1 Alaskan Cruise

The Roaming Boomers

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