These Are The Highest-Rated Vacuum Cleaners At Walmart

Shop customer-favorite vacuums from brands like Shark, Bissell, Hoover, and Eureka.
Highly-rated vacuums from Eureka, Shark, Roborock, and Bissell.
Highly-rated vacuums from Eureka, Shark, Roborock, and Bissell.

Unless you’re Danny Tanner from Full House, you probably don’t like to spend your precious downtime vacuuming. Unlike doing other chores, you can’t even jam out to Beyonce as you dust-bust because most vacuum cleaners will drown out the sounds of “Alien Superstar”. That said, there is something satisfying about sucking up cracker crumbs and dog hair — as long as you have a machine that’s up for the job.

Vacuum cleaners can be surprisingly expensive, so if you’re preparing to plunk down a chunk of change on a new one, you know that customer reviews are extremely beneficial. But if you hardly have time to vacuum, you definitely don’t have time to compare ratings and pore over user feedback. We went ahead and studied the most highly reviewed vacuums at Walmart and rounded them up here for your shopping convenience. Scroll on to see which options suck the most, according to customers.

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Bissell Power Force Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum
This vacuum has over 10,000 customer reviews and an almost perfect 4.5-star rating. Reviewers find it to be incredibly lightweight with an impressive suction power that belies its affordable price. (At $59, it’s one of the most affordable vacuum cleaners out there.)
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum
Another upright vacuum with an almost perfect customer rating, the Shark Navigator is boasts a swivel feature, which comes in handy for vacuuming hard-to-reach areas like under the couch. One customer said their Shark lasted for 10 years, which makes the $119 investment feel well worth it.
Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
This sleek cordless vacuum hardly takes up any room, making it easy to store even in small spaces. It also comes with a handheld vacuum attachment to use in your car, cushions and on the stairs.
Eureka Mighty Mite Vacuum Cleaner
If you’re looking for a vacuum to keep non-carpeted floors clean, the Eureka Mighty Mite is a great one to consider. Customers especially like the powerful suction and that it works well on tiled bathroom floors as well as wooden ones.
Tineco Pure One Cordless Smart Stick Vacuum Cleaner
At $300, this vacuum cleaner is one of the higher-end ones on the list, but customers say it’s worth the money. The vacuum’s smart technology allows it to sense debris and automatically adjust the suction power accordingly. Customers also like that it’s lightweight, cordless, and easy to tote room to room.
Hoover MAXLife PowerDrive Swivel Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
“This vacuum picks up dirt I can’t even see,” one customer review says of the Hoover MAXLife. Like some of the other top rated vacuum cleaners on this list, it’s bagless and has a swivel feature making it easier to get into tight spaces.
Kenmore Elite Vacuum Cleaner
While this model is on the pricier side, $449, it also has the highest rating of all the vacuums at Walmart with a 4.8 star rating. Besides the standard features such as a swivel system and powerful suction, it also has an electronic dirt sensor and a lightweight vacuum “wand” that lengthens to 11 feet long.
Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Over 4,000 people have left reviews about the Moosoo cordless vacuum cleaner and almost all of them are positive. It’s cordless, lightweight (you can even mount it on the wall for storage) and comes with a handheld device for smaller spaces.
Shark Wandvac Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
This cordless vacuum cleaner from Shark just might be the prettiest on the list; it comes in rose gold, purple, forest green, navy or black. But it’s more than stylish — customers love that it’s powerful and you can empty the dust cup with a click of a button. It also takes up hardly any space to store, making it ideal for apartments.
Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner
If you just don't want to vacuum at all, just set the Roborock on the floor and let it move from room to room vacuuming at its own pace. With the ability to connect via an app on your phone, you can program it to learn the layout of your home.

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