Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Floor To Prove Vacuum's Effectiveness

Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Floor

Well this is one way to make a cleaning demonstration stand out.

A brand manager for Bissell Canada vacuum cleaners is sucking up a lot of attention for his stunt in the Toronto subway. In the video above, Ravi Dalchand vacuums a patch of floor with a Bissell and proceeds to eat pasta off the same spot. Then he sops up the sauce with bread. We couldn't suppress a chuckle when we heard a "dude" from one of the disgusted onlookers.

"I 100 percent stand by this product," Dalchand declares.

According to the ad for Bissell's Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop, "You get a clean, sanitized hard floor."

For this man's sake, we certainly hope so.

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