Vacuum-Powered Suction Rug Is The Ultimate Floormat

Vacuum-Powered Suction Mat Is The Ultimate Floormat

For most people, stomping your feet quickly on a generic floormat before entering a room or a house is plenty enough. For everyone else, there’s a $6,250 super floormat that will suck the dirt and debris from the bottom of your shoes.

The vacuum-powered suction mat, developed by Japanese design company Paionia Furyokuki, contains a sensor so the mat knows when to activate. As the user walks across the mat, valves on the surface open, using tiny vacuums to suck up whatever is on the soles of your shoes. The 20 by 40 inch mat then feeds whatever it has collected into an external unit, where it can later be thrown out.

A set, which includes the mat, risers, a hose and cleaner, is available for 500,000 Japanese Yen, or $6,250, and will be offered in three shapes, according to DigInfo. While some may think a vacuum-powered mat is overkill for a home, some Gizmodo commenters have pointed out the mat’s potential for use in clean rooms in science or manufacturing facilities.

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