This Space-Saving Closet Hack Is The 'Best Amazon Purchase Of My Life'

Keep your clothes perfectly tidy with the highest-rated vacuum bags on Amazon.
A pair of jumbo Ziploc waterproof bags and set of 10 larger bags with an electric pump.

As the weather turns in some parts of the country, you’re probably already daydreaming about pulling out your sandals and swimsuits. Of course, before you get your warm weather gear out, you have to put your bulky winter gear away — something that’s a heck of a lot easier with vacuum storage bags.

Whether you don’t have a lot of storage space or are gearing up for a move, vacuum bags let you pack your clothes, coats, linens and pillows extra tight. Some come with hand pumps some have electric ones, but all will compress your garments, making them easier to transport and store and giving you more space in your closet or basement.

To help you get a head start on your spring cleaning, we rounded up the highest-rated vacuum storage bag sets on Amazon. We’ve included options with a variety of bag counts and sizes so that you can find the one that’s best for your storage needs.

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A set of 10 Spacesaver bags with an electric pump
Rating: 4.4 out of 5

This set of 10 storage bags contains four medium bags, three large bags and three jumbo bags for pillows or comforters. The electric pump makes storage faster and easier though the port on the bags also work with most vacuums. You can also get these in sets of 5 and 15, and in sizes small, medium, large, and jumbo (all without the pump).

Promising review: "This was my best Amazon purchase of my life...I am traveling to Europe and I was able to minimize my pieces of luggage with this purchase and extra supplies fits with no problem!" — Elaina
A set of 12 vacuum storage bags that comes with a hand pump
Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Store all types of clothing with this pack of 12 bags, containing three small bags, three medium bags, three large bags and three jumbo bags. They're made with a double seal zipper with slider and triple-sealed valve to help you compress and re-open the bags with ease. (They also come in 10-packs in a few other size combinations, and all options include a pump.)

Promising review: "Bought these for a ski trip to help pack all of the bulky gear better and they worked great. We sealed them before we left and on the way home and there were no problems either time. Saved so much room!" — FD
A set of four hanging vacuum bags
Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Make the most of your closets with this set of four hanging vacuum storage bags. They're 53 inches long, so they're perfect for jackets, pants or anything else you need to keep on a hanger. The hanging variety comes in a four-pack, but there are other size and count options available from this brand, including ones with or without a pump.

Promising review: "I have pretty small closets and the bags are great for storing out of season clothing. No dust. No creepy crawlies. My clothes are protected and don't take up valuable space." — fnfflm
A 10-pack of bags that you can compress with just your hands
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

These 10 bags come in a variety of sizes and require nothing but your bodyweight to reduce in size. You’ll get three 24-inch, three 20-inch and four slightly narrower options that measure 20 by 14 inches in the package. One enterprising reviewer used them to organize their clothes in a “dry bag” while on a dirt-caked ATV trip in Baja, Mexico.

Promising review: “Just buy them, there are plenty of different versions on Amazon, I tried this one, for the price you get great value. Different sized bags accommodate whatever you are packing. I found that slowly sitting on them I a good way to really squish all the air out. I use them when I travel to compress things like my down jacket, gym clothes, and the main reason I purchase was to compress my pillow, so I no longer have to deal with hotel pillows and a crummy nights sleep on the road. I’ve used them on about 8 trips so far without issue. Key is not to overstuff the bags with things, if you overpack them the seal will burst when you try to push air out. 10/10 would recommend. Also great to toss all you dirty clothes into these bags at the end of a trip to clear space in your bag for anything new you picked up on your trip. I also anticipate using these for backpacking as well.” – Michael Benvenuto
A set of 12 small bags with a battery-powered pump
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Keep smaller goods stashed with this set of 12 — each roughly the size of a laptop — that can hold four to seven items of clothing each. As they're all the same size, they'll be easy to organize and can also be great for traveling. The battery-run pump helps compress bags quickly and easily and can inflate bags when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Promising review: "So many bags for a great price! The machine comes with a travel bag and batteries ready to go! Perfect to pack in the suitcase and reuse while traveling." — MegRHM
A set of large waterproof bags from Ziploc
Rating: 4.6 out of 5

These two extra-large flat vacuum storage bags from Ziploc — a trusted name in sealable storage — are waterproof and reusable. They work with most types of household vacuums to help compress larger items like winter coats or ski pants with flexible plastic that's easy to store.

Promising review: "these are a MUST, in ALL sizes! We use these to put away heavy comforters, sweaters, jackets, and even extra towels sheets and pillows that we dont need until company comes over. our entire linen closet fits onto one shelf now. The best trick is to just layer things in, dont fold them and then put them in or you'll end up with a weird shaped bag. if you lay clothes in or fold the blankets just once, you can help it become a nice flat rectangle as it sucks the air out just push down evenly. then you can stack these on a shelf or in a bin to be more organized. I absolutely love these bags" — Michelle A
A set of 10 larger bags with an electric pump
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you've got a lot to store, you'll be glad to have this set of 10 jumbo waterproof bags. It comes with a useful hand pump that makes compression easy, and the brand offers a variety of bag counts up to a 30-pack.

Promising review: "For the longest time I debated getting one of these things. I’m so glad I did! Saves me a lot of room. The little pump does have a strong suction - no room for air." — Emily

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