Vagina Facial, Or 'Vajacial,' Becomes Newest Beauty Trend

Vagina Facial, Or 'Vajacial,' Becomes Newest Beauty Trend

You can bedazzle your va-jay-jay, you can rejuvenate it with lasers and you can even dye it pink to remain youthful...but did you know that you can also treat your lady parts to a facial? We mean, a Vajacial.

San Francisco's Stript Wax Bar has introduced the vagina facial, meant to revitalize post-Brazilian-wax vadges. "We developed the Vajacial to really address and treat the key needs of anyone who gets waxed," Stript owner Katherine Goldman wrote in a press release. "Your 'little lady' will thank us!"

According to BellaSugar:

The 50-minute treatment ($60) involves four steps. First, skin is cleansed with an antibacterial body wash and witch hazel. Then, a papaya-based exfoliating gel goes on before the esthetician extracts ingrown hairs. After that, an anti-freckle, anti-acne, or calming mask is applied. It finishes off with an application of lightening cream.

So, has anyone taken up Stript on its Vajacial offer? It seems so. From a Yelp review:

Here's the scenario:
DESPERATELY needed a fix for my poor vajay. It had been waxed by some random nail salon on polk street and suddenly it was filled with in-growns. It was growing these twisted weeds and was in all sorts of trouble.

The answer:
I saw the sign that said "Introducing the Vajacial". Funny but clever at the same time. It is EXACTLY what I needed. I needed a full extraction, scrub and toner. For around $60, Katherine took her time to work gently and made sure to keep everything very sanitary.

The space is wonderfully decorated and Katherine is a very clever and skilled business woman. I recommend stript to anyone who has had a brazilian nightmare. Go here, your hubby will be happy.

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