High-End Jeweler Unveils New Pendant Design That Looks A Lot Like... Um...

Well, that's different.

It’s supposed to be a gem resting between two fingers. But the image of a new pendant that was shared by London jeweler Theo Fennell gave the impression of something else entirely: 

Lukas Grewenig created the pendant as part of the company’s Gilded Youth program, which recognizes the work of jewelry students. Its design was supposed to represent how a goldsmith assesses a gem “by placing it between their index and middle finger.” However, comments on Theo Fennell’s Instagram page indicated that some people saw a vulva, albeit a bejeweled one. 

“This is a vag?” wrote a commenter with the username amber_alissa1989. 

″...I know what it’s supposed to be, but this def looks like a pierced vagina,” wrote naturesenigma. 

“I am so glad I am not the only one that didn’t see fingers,” said nikitamistralatkinson. 

People on Twitter shared those sentiments:  

For those who wish a closer look, the piece will be on display at the company’s store in London this week.



Vagina art